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Front of the House Training


Front of the house training: Quality of service  is often overlooked but can make or break your business.  Even if everything is executed perfectly from quality to costing, bad or inconsistent service leaves guests with a negative impression that could keep them from coming back.  DCCS has some of DC’S best career servers and restaurant general managers who will work with you to develop a system of guidelines unique to your concept, helping you ensure your guests’ expectations have been met.

This service includes:

  • Handbook- Custom to your restaurant with your concepts and expectations for your front of the house staff in conduct, service, dress code, proper mise en place, and trouble shoots for service and kitchen errors.
  • Hands on Training-  We will have a member of our team train with your management and servers making sure they receive expert hands on training in your actual service environment.
  • Training Tools- Especially in the front of the house where staff turnovers are common it’s vital that your management has the tools and guidelines to continue server education, training, and control.   Teaching your upper management how to conduct productive daily staff meetings, ensuring quality standards are continuously met.
  • Customer Complaints- How to effectively deal with customer complaints in person, over the phone, and online with scenario work
  • Point of Sale consulting- choosing the wrong system could cost you ten’s of thousands of dollars

This service can start as low as $1500.00 while our consultation is free.


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