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Culinary Consulting


Let DC’s best chefs turn your vision into a reality, one that will identify with your customers while hitting your food and labor cost goals.

Service includes:

Menu Development- Sitting down with you and developing a menu custom to your business, based on your input including a complete menu tasting ensuring these dishes are executed to your expectations.

  • Menu Execution- develop a system based on your business’ unique concept while creating standards and controls for employee accountability.
  • Precise recipe books- includes detailed instructions, pictured plating instructions, tasting notes, and quality controls.
  • Menu Pricing- working with your vendors we will make sure every recipe is costed generally hitting our average of 28% while not sacrificing quality.
  • Food Descriptions- giving detailed menu descriptions on every dish we develop for your business including an allergy table and ingredient glossary, ensuring your front of the house has the tools it needs to succeed.
  • Hands-on Training- our talented chefs will work one-on-one with your staff making sure your kitchen staff is trained properly, includes Q and A with the front of the house on your new menu.

Culinary Program can cost as low as $1,500 while our first consultation is free.




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